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Akaliko Stretch Mark Oil 250 ml.

750.00 ฿
Akaliko Maternity Oil - Stretch Mark Solution Stretch Mark Solution – A perfect solution to prevent itchiness and the belly’s stretch marks during pregnancy. Organic ingredients, fast-absorbing, fragrance free, color free and non-chemical. As motherhood begins with shifts in appearance such as itchiness and stretch marks around the belly, AKALIKO Stretch Mark Solution is a perfect helper. Formulated with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, and organic sunflower oil, this will help moisturize your skin and effectively ease and prevent stretch marks. Akaliko Stretch Mark Oil gives your skin intensive care and hydration with 4 natural oils which help prevent itchiness and the belly’s stretch marks effectively. Moreover, this oil can help prevent stretch marks on the hips and legs, which are caused by a rapid increase in weight. If used continuously, the stretch marks will gradually fade until unnoticeable, suitable for all skin types. • Paraben free • Fragrance free • Color Free